Viewport PanelΒΆ

  • The Viewport panel is a “window” into a SEQUOIA Document’s world.
  • Each Viewport is associated with exactly one Document, and the []> Options Menu icon will have the Document Color as background.
  • The Active Viewport will draw an outline in the color of its Document.
  • Activating a Viewport also activates its Document (in other words, it makes its Document the Active Document).
  • By default, a single viewport will exist when SEQUOIA is started, representing the default Untitled Document.
  • The creation of a new Document via File>New or File>Clone will automatically create a new Viewport to look at its content.
  • The creation of a new Viewport via Panels>VIEWPORT - Create New Panel menu item will not create a new Document, but will create a new panel docked to the side of the existing Viewport panel, and will set the new Viewport to display the content of the Active Document.
../../_images/sequoia_viewport_green_document.png ../../_images/sequoia_viewport_orange_document.png