Sequoia User Interface Overview

  • When first started, SEQUOIA will present the user with the following Default UI Layout:
  • It consists of:
  • A Main Menu Bar on top containing a fixed set of sub-menu and menu items.
  • A set of toolbars including
  • A Viewport panel in the middle of the application, representing an empty default document.
  • A Bookmarks panel on the left used to set and restore favorite viewpoints in the documents.
  • A Document Explorer panel in the top right
    • It displays all Documents and their objects.
    • By default, an Untitled (green) Document with no objects will be listed.
    • A Transform panel will be docked as inactive tab next to it.
  • An Object Properties panel is on the right underneath the Document Explorer.
    • It will display the properties of a selected object.
    • By default it is empty, showing a text explaining that no object is selected.
    • A Viewport Settings panel is docked as inactive tab next to it.
  • A Task Manager panel is docked at the bottom right.
    • The Task Manager displays the queue of background processing tasks and their progress.
    • A Log Window panel is docked as inactive tab next to it.

Icon Color Conventions

  • The toolbar and menu icons adhere to the following color convention:


  • Checkable icons that toggle features on and off will be white, with blue background when checked.
  • These include radio button sets.
  • Examples are the Global Camera Toggle, the Perspective/Orthographic Projection icon, and the Select / Move / Rotate / Scale / Measure icons.


  • Button icons representing commands that perform an operation once.
  • An example is the Zoom Extents icon.


  • Icons representing commands that create Document content.
  • For example the New Point Loader icon, the File> New Document... menu icon etc.


  • Icons representing operations that produce data on disk outside of SEQUOIA.
  • These include saving, exporting and converting files.


  • Icons representing operations that are potentially destructive
  • Include the Edit>DELETE Selected menu item, File>Close Document>, File>Exit Sequoia menu items.